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Web design

Film production

Graphic design

Music production

Are you a company who has a lot of work but has little time or resources to put in to your own marketing ?

This is where ‘sme marketing department’ can help you... With everything from devising a strategy to make your sales more effective, to creating an outstanding brand identity that relates to your customers across a wide range of digital and traditional media platforms.

Have you just started up your new venture but are struggling to let the world know you have arrived ?

The ‘sme marketing department’ gives you immediate access to all of our extensive range of talents in; film production, web design, full service marketing, music production and graphic design. Enabling you to compete quicker and more cost effectively.

“Contact us today to find out how we can help you and your business with the added advantage of low monthly payments”

Brand Marketing is an integral part to any marketing strategy. Everything that has your organisations name, logo or product should have a clear message of who you are. Brand marketing allows your customers to identify who you are seamlessly no matter on what platform it is. McDonalds and Coca Cola have done this not only through their iconic logos, corporate colours but also down to the music they use in their adverts. JAG Media can bring this style of brand marketing to you and your organisation.

“We’ll meet your needs because we’re just as excited about your business marketing as you are! We’ll do whatever it takes to hit your deadlines and work within your budgets, whatever the challenge.

In a world that’s full of ‘unique’ and ‘memorable’, we’ll give you ‘credible’, ‘authentic’ and ‘cost effective’, as well.”

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