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We have a catalogue of music composed and recorded specifically for Jag Media, available for both standard and commercial licensing, contact us by phone or e-mail to discuss your requirements. Below is a small sample of music that has been used via license for commercials.

We specialise in music composition, arranging, recording and producing memorable music. Regardless if it’s for film, TV adverts, radio adverts, corporate video, training films, or web content.

Jag Media  ::  140 - 142 High Street  ::  Burntisland  ::  Kingdom of Fife  ::  Scotland  ::  United Kingdom  ::  KY3 9AP  ::  tel: +44 (0)1592 870356



Web design

Film production

Graphic design

Music production

We’re intelligently curious and always creative in our approach to music production. We never stop learning, trying new approaches and spotting trends from the world around us to keep our work fresh and engaging.

Our talented and motivated team have a wealth of experience and a deep knowledge of the client process. We relish the challenge to deliver breath-taking, superior quality, original music to our clients.

We’ll meet your needs because we’re just as excited about your project as you are! We’ll do whatever it takes, whatever the brief. In a world that’s full of ‘unique’ and ‘memorable’, we’ll give you ‘credible’, ‘authentic’ and ‘cost effective’, as well.

Ad Astra (duration 5.14 min)

cinematic, orchestral (orchestra and synthesizer).

Edinburgh Overture (duration 5.36 min)

cinematic, orchestral (orchestra and piano).

Crossing the Rubicon (duration 3.03 min)

cinematic, orchestral, choral (orchestra and choir).

The 45 (duration 4.45 min)

cinematic, orchestral, choral (orchestra and choir).

Nannuraluk (the Polar Bear) (duration 5.01 min)

cinematic, orchestral,  (orchestra and drums).

The Engaged (duration 4.21 min)

cinematic, orchestral, (orchestra).

Listen to examples of our cinematic, orchestral work

Shamba (duration 1.48)

Commercial, Latino rock (full band).

Groove 72  (duration 1.57 min)

commercial, 70’s based disco (orchestra and synthesizer).

Schooldays (duration 45 seconds)

commercial, orchestral, (orchestra).

Xmas sell (duration 43 seconds)

commercial, orchestral, choral (orchestra and choir).

Danz (duration 2.02min)

Commercial, house, dance (synthesizers and drums).

Downing Street  (duration 57 seconds)

commercial, orchestral, (orchestra).

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