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Fully responsive for pc’s, macs, laptops, iPads, tablets, iPhones and smart phones

Search engine optimised using specialist software… as you would expect it to be

Background film to emphasise your core message

Foreground video’s (with signing for the deaf) streamed to highlight your services

Audio commentary for the visually challenged (or if you’ve forgotten your glasses)

E-commerce version available for your online store

Fully integrated with your social media



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Web design

Film production

Graphic design

Music production

We are living in a new age where information can be sought out through just a few clicks of a mouse, through a swipe of the hand or a tap of a finger.

Did you know that people now on average have an attention span of just eight seconds due to our technology habit.…

People retain over fifty percent more information through the use of visual and learning cues and the average  web video is watched for around 2.7 mins compared with only an average of twenty eight percent of website text actually shown to be read.

Getting your information over to new clients has become harder and harder. There are literally millions of websites in the UK  and worldwide the figure is estimated at around a billion with nearly three billion internet users.

How do you stand out in such a crowded market place???       With a JAG Media Komsite…

Our next generation innovative Komsites will have a potential client stay on your site for longer whilst blowing your competition away. Omni-Sites are the future and you have a chance to grab that future now!

What are Komsites? Well they are interactive sites that allow your customer to really get a grasp of you and your business. They tell your story through film, text, pictures, commentary, music and moving backgrounds.

They are the future of website design in which you can powerfully convey your message without any fuss to all of your potential and existing customers.

A Komsite gives you the ability to have your own television and radio station rolled into one, engaging your existing and potential clients in such a way that it becomes desirable to use your services or your online store.

contact us today for more information on how a Komsite can help your business

“We’ll meet your needs because we’re just as excited about your website or Komsite as you are!!! We’ll do whatever it takes to hit your deadlines and work within your budgets”

In a world that’s full of ‘unique’ and ‘memorable’, we’ll give you ‘credible’, ‘authentic’ and ‘cost effective’

Komsite designed by Jag media

Copyright 2018: Jag Media